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Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package Benefits in Phoenix

2020 Mercedes-Benz A 220

The Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package delivers leading driver assistance and safety features in order to foster a touring experience that feels just like magic. If you’d like to get more enjoyment out of your time on the roads of Phoenix and Fountain Hills—and travel more safely in all conditions—you can’t afford to miss these remarkable next-generation technologies. 

What’s the Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package?

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class offers a Driver Assistance Package with fifteen unique features, and once you’ve seen what it’s offering, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from any model in our lineup: 

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC® – This feature works a little bit like standard cruise control, but it can slow your vehicle automatically in response to the flow of traffic. It can even bring your vehicle to a complete stop—and regain speed automatically if that stop lasts less than three seconds.
  • Active Steering Assist – When Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC® is engaged, this Mercedes-Benz lane keeping assist feature can help you stay centered in your lane. It can even follow the vehicle in front of you in the event that road lines are not visible.
  • Evasive Steering Assist – If you make an evasive maneuver on the roads near Phoenix or Fountain Hills, Evasive Steering Assist will detect road lines and bring you back into your lane.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist – A small light will appear on your side view mirror if a vehicle moves into your blind spot. If you activate your turn signal or try to change lanes in an unsafe situation, this feature can warn you and keep you centered in your lane. Exit Warning Assist uses the same technology, but functions when you’re at a standstill.
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist – This Mercedes-Benz lane keeping assist feature goes even further to keep you protected, vibrating the steering wheel or braking individual wheels to move you back into your lane if and when you deviate.
  • Active Lane Change Assist – Just activate your turn signal, move into position, and let Active Lane Change Assist safely move you from one lane to another. All you need to do is keep your signal on for a few moments; the system will take care of the rest.
  • Active Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Function – This technology can automatically slow or stop your vehicle if a car or pedestrian begins to cross into your path from one side or the other while you’re cruising at mid-range speeds.
  • Congestion Emergency Braking – If you can’t evade a slowed or stopped vehicle in your immediate path, this feature brakes to eliminate or mitigate the risk of a collision.
  • Active Emergency Stop Assist – You need to keep your hands on the wheel in order to take advantage of the Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance features we’ve mentioned so far. If your vehicle detects that your hands are no longer engaged, this feature will slow your vehicle and safely bring you to a stop.
  • Active Speed Limit Assist – This technology automatically detects visible road signs and adjusts your cruising speed while Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC® is engaged.
  • PRESAFE® Impulse Side – This technology rapidly inflates a cylinder in the side door in the event that an imminent, unavoidable collision is detected. As a result, the impact of the crash is mitigated and the risk to the driver or passenger is lowered.
  • PRESAFE® PLUS – With PRESAFE® PLUS from Mercedes-Benz, your vehicle will automatically engage the seatbelt tensioners and brakes if an imminent rear collision is detected. 
  • Route-based Speed Adaptation – This improvement to DISTRONIC® technology automatically adjusts your speed in anticipation of curves, interchanges, and other common encounters on the road. It’s a predictive technology that uses map data to prepare.
  • Active Stop-and-Go Assist – This technology can complement DISTRONIC® cruise control, delivering support in stop-and-go traffic at speeds of up to 37 mile per hour. As long as your stops are less than three seconds in length, the active driving technology will stay engaged.
  • Extended Restart in Stop-and-Go Traffic – Active Stop-and-Go Assist normally stays active as long as your stops are less than three seconds in length; Extended Restart increases this interval to one minute! 

Precise inclusions may vary, but almost all new Mercedes-Benz models are either standard or available with most of the driver assistance and safety features mentioned above.

Driver Assistance Features: Differences Between Models in Phoenix

Before you move forward, it’s important to note that the features in the Driver Assistance Package will vary depending on the model that you choose for your drives through Scottsdale and Mesa. 

  • For example, the Driver Assistance Package on the C-Class offers thirteen different features and costs $1,700.
  • The Driver Assistance Package on the E-Class offers fifteen different features and costs $1,950.
  • And on the upper end of the lineup, you may encounter a model like the S-Class, which offers no Driver Assistance Package at all! Don’t worry: it’s only because all of these features are included as standard. In other models, like the GLS, you’ll encounter a the Driver Assistance Plus Package instead.

For more information on the differences between the Driver Assistance packages available on various new Mercedes-Benz models, just contact our team! We’ll make sure that you drive home in a model that includes all the features you’re searching for. 

Experience Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Technology Today

The Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package can help you experience the roads like never before, but since these technologies are so advanced, we could hardly blame you if you feel that they need to be seen to be believed! Find out how to shop and buy online today, or use our vehicle finder service to find a model with all the features you’re searching for.


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