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Your Mercedes-Benz VIN number can tell you a lot about your vehicle, but only if you know how to break it down into usable information! Although Mercedes-Benz VIN lookup tools can make the job a little easier, many Scottsdale and Mesa enthusiasts want to get a better sense of what each number and letter in the code really means! Our Mercedes-Benz VIN decoder guide can help you get started.

What Model is My Mercedes-Benz?

Here’s a closer look at the figures that make up your Mercedes-Benz VIN:

1st-3rd Character: World Manufacturer Identification

The first three characters of the VIN tell you where in the world the vehicle originated, and who made it! For Mercedes-Benz vehicles, common World Manufacturer Identification codes include:

  • WDB – Mercedes-Benz
  • WDD – Daimler AG
  • WDF – Mercedes-Benz Commercial
  • W1K – Mercedes-Benz in the United States

Although Mercedes-Benz has plants in 22 countries, the letter “W” here indicates an origin in Germany. The brand still manufactures many vehicles at its original home in Stuttgart.

The “D” in position 2 stands for “Daimler,” the company that owns Mercedes-Benz.

A final code of “B” indicates that the vehicle belongs to the brand’s central division “Daimler-Benz”. For a brief period after 1999, vehicles with the same origin were designed with a “C” for “Daimler-Chrysler”. After that merger dissolved, a final code of “D” became more common. A final code of “F” indicates that the brand’s commercial division was responsible for the vehicle.

These days, codes of W1K are also common on models like the C-Class and the E-Class.

4th–8th Characters: Vehicle Descriptor Section

This is the most difficult part of your VIN number to decode. It indicates your vehicle’s engine, class, model, and series.

Common Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Descriptor Section codes include:

  • EW124 – E-Class
  • FR129 – SL-Class
  • GW140 – S-Class
  • HW202 – C-Class
  • JW210 – E-Class
  • KR170 – SLK-Class
  • LW208 – CLK-Class
  • NW220 – S-Class
  • PW215 – CL-Class
  • RW203 – C-Class
  • SR230 – SL-Class
  • TW209 – CLK-Class
  • UW211 – E-Class
  • WR171 – SLK-Class

New codes are released all the time, and it always takes a while for databases to catch up. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to use a Mercedes-Benz VIN lookup tool or ask an expert in the Fountain Hills area.

9th Character: Security Number

The security number doesn’t actually tell you anything about your vehicle! Rather, it’s a semi-random number that the manufacturer can calculate in order to ensure authenticity.

10th Character: Model Year

The code that indicates model year cycles through numbers and letters. You can look up your vehicle’s model year on the list below:

  • A1980, 2010
  • B1981, 2011
  • C1982, 2012
  • D1983, 2013
  • E1984, 2014
  • F1985, 2015
  • G1986, 2016
  • H1987, 2017
  • J1988, 2018
  • K1989, 2019
  • L1990, 2020
  • M1991, 2021
  • N1992, 2022
  • P1993, 2023
  • R1994, 2024
  • S1995, 2025
  • T1996, 2026
  • V1997, 2027
  • W1998, 2028
  • X1999, 2029
  • Y2000
  • 12001
  • 22002
  • 32003
  • 42004
  • 52005
  • 62006
  • 72007
  • 82008
  • 92009

11th Character: Production Plant / Assembly Location

Mercedes-Benz now assembles vehicles in 22 different countries, so the list seen below is not entirely up to date. However, you may be able to look up your vehicle’s assembly location here:

  • A-E – Sindelfingen
  • F-H – Bremen
  • J – Rastatt
  • X – Graz
  • T – Karmann
  • V – Valmet Automotive, Finland
  • L – Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia
  • M – Woking, England (SLR)
  • N – Kecskemet, Hungary
  • R – South Africa

12th–17th Characters: Vehicle Serial Number

Your vehicle’s serial number is also known as its chassis number because it indicates the order in which the brand’s vehicles make it off of the assembly line. This number is important for collectors, who tend to prize the vehicles that arrive earliest. So, if you have a vehicle with a very low serial number, it might be worth more than other similar vehicles on the market—but only if you find the right buyer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Our Team here in Phoenix, AZ!

So, what model is your Mercedes-Benz? If you’d like help decoding the information in your VIN, you can contact us today for assistance. We’d also be happy to help you learn more about the numbers that can currently be found on our new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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