Mercedes-Benz Takes the Lead in Developing Technology to Enhance Your Holistic Driving Experience

March 28th, 2017 by

Today’s technological landscape is awash with apps and devices intended to monitor and motivate your health and wellbeing. But what if that technology could be used… in your car? Via Instagram, Mercedes-Benz gave us just the briefest introduction to their futuristic Fit and Healthy concept.

You can see glimpses of the potential in the video clip, and we’re intrigued. Imagine your Mercedes-Benz sensing that you’re getting tired. It could recommend you pull over for a power nap, relax you with its massaging seat, and then stimulate you awake after a suitable time. Imagine a car that can reduce your stress so your driving will be more calm and, therefore, safer.

The possibilities are endless, and as a matter of fact, Mercedes-Benz already offers some of these cool features on their own. Ambient lighting is available in many Mercedes-Benz models today, as well as ATTENTION ASSIST®. The Fit and Healthy direction would be a culmination of many current technologies and some new ones, all working together to keep Mercedes-Benz drivers… yes, fit and healthy.

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