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Monday, May 30th: Sales - Open 9 AM-5 PM | Service & Parts - Closed

What is Mercedes-Benz Performance Tuning?

2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT Coupe

Mercedes-Benz performance tuning is an option that Fountain Hills-area drivers explore when they want to enjoy enhanced performance specs and capabilities, or performance-related features that aren’t available as OEM add-ons. 

Mercedes-Benz performance tuning can change the fundamental character of your vehicle without compromising its classic Mercedes-Benz style, but since the modifications that such tuning entails are fairly extreme, they may not be for everyone. Get the facts by reading on!

What Are My Mercedes-Benz Performance Tuning Options?

When most drivers think of performance tuning, they’re thinking of ECU Remapping and aftermarket Performance Chips. Here’s what you should know:

  • ECU Remapping adjusts the electronic parameters which control the amount of fuel and air that enters your engine. Allowing for increases of both will generally result in an even more potent performance. Minor adjustments and custom maps are both available.
  • Performance Chips accomplish more or less identical goals, but they complement, rather than re-write, your vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit. Here as well, you can make adjustments for faster speeds and smoother handling.

Looking for more Mercedes-Benz performance tuning options? We often hear Scottsdale and Mesa drivers talking about the following:

  • Exhaust note modification, for a more aggressive and memorable sound
  • Suspension modification for improvements or changes to your handling
  • Interior modifications like a new speedometer or a leather dashboard, to complement what’s under the hood
  • Exterior alterations including spoiler upgrades, grill modifications, and other performance-related features
  • Headlight alterations to make your presence known with ultra-bright LEDS or even black light. 

Just check local regulations before you make any modifications that might get you in trouble on the roads near Phoenix!

What is Mercedes-Benz AMG® Performance?

The entire Mercedes-Benz AMG® line has been designed to provide record-setting and invigorating performance right off the dealership lot! No modifications necessary. And, since no two performance fanatics are exactly alike, Mercedes-Benz produces a whole line of AMG® vehicles that build upon the already-impressive capabilities of our neighbors’ favorite models. 

AMG® variants of each of the following vehicles are now available in Phoenix:

  • Sedans, Wagons, & Convertibles: C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class
  • Roadsters: SLC Roadster, SL Roadster, and Mercedes-AMG® GT
  • Coupes: CLA, C-Class, E-Class, CLS, and S-Class
  • SUVs: GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, and G-Class

What Are Mercedes-Benz Performance Parts?

The features detailed above are the kind of aftermarket modifications that attract enthusiasts and fans, but what if you already drive a Mercedes-Benz, and you want to make a few modifications without compromising your vehicle’s integrity or warranty?

That’s where our wide range of genuine OEM parts and accessories can be a real help. Some of the most popular Mercedes-Benz performance parts include: 

  • Metal sport pedals
  • Luxuriously-appointed steering wheels
  • Sport seats with unique bolsters
  • Stand-out brake calipers
  • Instantly-recognizable Mercedes-Benz performance tires

Rely on Mercedes-Benz of North Scottsdale for Your Service Needs

If you’re interested in upgrading or modifying your Mercedes-Benz with performance parts or accessories, count on our trained and certified service technicians to point you in the right direction. Just make sure to check out our OEM parts specials before you wind up choosing aftermarket components for your vehicle.

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